Wednesday, January 6, 2016

GlamGlow Plumrageous vs. Too Faced Lip Injection

For some strange reason I love lip plumpers. It's strange because it's kind of silly to love a product that is kind of (literally) irritating to use but ya know such is life I suppose. Fortunately, I was blessed with naturally full lips so they aren't a real necessity for me but, that hasn't stopped me from perusing around the lip plumper department in search of the perfect pout enhancer. In my mind there haven't really been any new lip plumpers launching onto the market until recently when GlamGlow launched their new matte and glossy lip enhancers, Plumprageous. Obviously intrigued I decided to put it up against a classic, the Too Faced Lip Injection, to see how they match up.

I'd like to go into this by saying that sure these products are in the same family but they function quite differently. With that being said this post isn't here to tell you which one is better but, instead it's here to give you a rundown of each one so you can choose the one that better suits your plump lip wants and needs. 

[*my sister* Left to Right: No Plumper, GlamGlow Plumprageous, Too Faced Lip Injection]

Let's start with the rookie. GlamGlow Plumprageous is a lip treatment that primes and plumps your lips instantly as well as longterm. Plumprageous comes in a gloss and matte finish but surprise, surprise I bought the matte one because matte is life and well I don't really think that a gloss is going to prime lips for long lasting lipsticks very well for obvious reasons.  

The Plumprageous uses high potency plumping botanicals and tripeptides with a pro-lipid complex in order to give you fuller lips instantly and long-term. The formulation is creamy and velvety causing it to never dry down matte although it does have a smooth finish. The consistency makes it a good primer for lipsticks so it's easy to pair this plumper under your favorite lip color. 

As with any plumper there is a tingling sensation that comes with the territory but I don't consider this one to be too bad. The "tingle" feels like a warm burning sensation that I could really only compare to warming massage oil... on your lips. The feeling is warm with a hint of cooling menthol mixed in. I know some people find this to be too much of a "tingle" but honestly if you think this is bad the Too Faced Lip Injection would make you want to rip your lips off. The feeling lasts quite a long time though, a few times while using it I've noticed the "tingle" lingering around for upwards of an hour and a half. The lingering feeling isn't as intense as it comes off initially but the feeling is definitely there.  

The plump that you get with the Plumprageous is a bit different than traditional plumpers in my opinion. The plump that this gives you focuses more on making your lips appear pursed instead of overall swollen. Your lips don't get overly red or irritated looking while using this plumper so the plumpness that it gives you looks very natural, almost like you got half a syringe of filler into your lips. Your lips appear slightly larger and they look a lot more pillowy. Perfect for when you want a little extra oomph without it looking overdone. 

The fullness lasts initially for around four hours but, I have noticed that the longer I have used this product the longer my lips stay full when I apply it. 

Now onto the veteran, the Too Faced Lip Injection. The Lip Injection is a gloss that instantly gives you a full plump pout. It is not a treatment, it's just a gloss that uses a complex that stimulates blood flow to the lips by dilating the blood vessels. If you prefer this brand over GlamGlow and want a treatment go for the Lip Injection Extreme. 

Since it is a gloss you can't really layer this under another lip product very well. It has a thick and tacky feel for it which is great for making sure it stays in place and doesn't smudge but, if you want to use it to prep your lips I recommend putting it on while you're getting ready then wiping most of it off before you apply your lipstick. This way you'll get a full pout and a clean application. 

The "tingle" that comes along with the Lip Injection is more intense than the Plumprageous. Instead of a warm burn the feeling is more stinging sensation with a bit of an itch, especially if the gloss hits the skin around your lips because it's stimulating blood flow and drawing blood to the area (the more blood that is circulating to the lips/outlying area, the plumper the lips appear.) The pain level for this product isn't the worst feeling in the world but, it also doesn't feel good in my opinion. Fortunately the feeling doesn't typically last any longer than 30 minutes. It isn't enough to deter me from using this product but I think people need to be prepared for the sensation going into it because it can be irritating and it may also irritate the area around your mouth. 

Where there is great stinging there is great pluming action. Where 
Plumprageous tends to give a fuller instead of larger lips, Lip Injection tackles both. This plumper is for someone who wants super full lips because this one is all about giving you that bee stung look. Your lips will look big, swollen, and a bit red; On top of that the glossy finish also enhances the fullness of your lips. We will call this look the totally obvious full syringe, maybe even two syringe lip injection look. It's perfect when you really want your lips to really stand out. 

The fullness lasts about three hours before it begins to fade and needs to be reapplied if desired. 

Like I said I don't really think one is better than the other because they both take a different take on lip plumping but, one may fit your needs a bit more than the other depending on what kind of look you're going for. 

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