Friday, November 24, 2017

Hi Smile Teeth - Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Teeth whitening isn't something I've ever really gotten into in the past. The last time I tried to whiten my teeth before this was in 2013. I used those whitening strips you get from the store and they made my teeth so sensitive I didn't even want to eat, drink, or breathe out of my mouth in the slightest. I swore not to attempt it ever again and I was under the presumption that all whitening regimens made your teeth super sensitive. Obviously, since then I've realized that wasn't the case but the experience definitely left a bad taste in my mouth so I never really gave it a thought until I decided to try the Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit. 

The whitening kit is a 6 day whitening treatment program that can brighten your teeth up to eight shades. The key ingredients in this whitening process are sodium bicarbonate, sodium chlorite, pomegranate, aloe vera, and chamomile which are cocktailed together in a tasteless non-sensitizing gel that makes whitening your teeth super simple. Every night after I brushed my teeth I would use the whitening treatment before bed. Usually, I would lay around in bed for 10 minutes catching up on emails or watching Forensic Files for the 1000th time on Netflix. Afterwards, I would just rinse my mouth out with a little warm water and go to sleep. I've been trying to avoid drinking too many dark sodas, coffees, and teas before, during, and after the whitening process in order to get the best and longest results. 

I'm so happy with the results I achieved from doing the 6 day regimen. It was so easy and effortless it's totally changed my mind about teeth whitening. There was never any mess and I didn't have to mess with moulding the mouthpiece, suffer through sensitivity, or deal any weird tasting brightening chemicals. The process has totally changed my stance on teeth whitening and once my results start to fade I'd definitely do the process over again. The Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit has given me a lot to smile about so I definitely recommend giving this kit a try if you're considering whitening your teeth. 

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