Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Styling & Gifting with Jord Watches

Is it just me or is autumn whizzing by and winter is nipping at its heels. I’m trying to soak up every moment of getting to wear boots, light layers, and leather jackets before I’m walking around bundled up to the point of looking like the mall goth version of the Jet Puff Marshmallow Man. With that being said, as I am sure you are all aware I basically wear all black all the time – it’s easy to wear and it gives me a sleek canvas to add pops of color.

I love adding a little flare of color to my dark wardrobe with accessories.  Bits of color and shine just enough to stand out and tie my look together.  Recently, I’ve been sporting my Frankie 35 sandalwood and mint JORD Watch with everything.  The bright mint face just pops perfectly against the dark sandalwood and the depth of my clothing. This is my second JORD Watch and I absolutely love it. As I’ve gotten older I’ve definitely become one of those people that has no concept of time if they aren’t wearing a watch. This is especially so when I’m working and don’t have my phone permanently fixed in my hand.

Functional fashion is pretty key when you want an ‘ I’m put-together’ sense of style. JORD Watches are quality and artfully created wood watches that are true works of art. Each piece seems effortlessly gorgeous through their minimalist design and thoughtful color schemes. I picked this particular color from their Frankie 35 line because I love how the mint pops so intensely on its warm dark wood backdrop. It’s the perfect contrast with the colors somehow balancing each other out perfectly.

JORD creates both men’s and women’s watches in so many styles that there’s a little something for everyone. My boyfriend was over when I got my watch in the mail and to be honest it looked even better on him than it did on me, which makes me think I might just have to get him one too. Since the holidays are fast approaching what’s better than jumping on the gift train with something stylish and functional that’s going to get some serious use out of it. Right now JORD is having their biggest sale of the year with 25% off so you can save a bit of money on your gift list OR maybe not feel as guilty getting one for yourself. Personally, my stingy self can’t buy gifts for someone else without getting myself a little something too.

You can check out all of JORD’s watches and styles HERE and then get your exclusive 25% off code HERE so you can pick up the perfect timepiece for you or someone special. JORD is also offering engravings if you want to make your gift super special or if you just want a little written reminder to yourself about how awesome and cool you are all the time.


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